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24x intern DVD±RW, SATA Bulk 24x intern DVD±RW, SATA Bulk

Tillverkare: Olika  Art.nr: 10998
Asus DRW-24F1ST 24X DVD±RW DL brännare S-ATA, Retail Svart Asus DRW-24F1ST 24X DVD±RW DL brännare S-ATA, Retail Svart

Tillverkare: Samsung  Art.nr: 10382
Sony AD-7913A Superslim 8X svart DVD-brännare för laptop Sony AD-7913A Superslim 8X svart DVD-brännare för laptop
Only 9.5 mm high and yet highly efficient and versatile.<br> </b><br>Top-notch performance in a minimally sized device? This excellent DVD Writer offers breathtaking value with a superslim body of only 9.5 mm in height.<br> It reads your DVD-ROMs/CD-ROMs with 8x/24x speed. Writing to your DVD +R, DVD +RW and DVD-R discs is managed with up to 8x speed. Its output when writing to DVD-RW/DVD-RAM is 6x/5x speed. DVD +R DL and DVD-R DL are handled at 4x speed while it writes to your CD-R/CD-RW media with up to 24x/16x speed.<br> And we also packed Labelflash™ functionality into the AD-7913A.<br> Any wishes open? We don’t think so!<br> <br> <b>Specification<br> </b><br> </p><table class="text" style="table-layout: auto;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Transfer Rate Read:&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">DVD-ROM 8x (max. 11,000 kByte/s); CD-ROM 24x (max. 3,600 kByte/s)&nbsp;</td></tr> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Transfer Rate Write:&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">DVD-R: 8x (max. 11,000 kByte/s); DVD-RW: 6x (max. 8,250 kByte/s); DVD-R DL: 4x (max. 5,500 kByte/s); DVD-RAM: 5x (max. 6,900 kByte/s); DVD +R: 8x (max. 11,000 kByte/s); DVD +RW: 8x (max. 11,000 kByte/s); DVD +R9: 4x (max. 5,500 kByte/s); CD-R: 24x (max. 3,600 kByte/s); CD-RW: 16x (max. 2,400 kByte/s)&nbsp;</td></tr> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Access time (average):&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">DVD: 180 ms; CD: 150 ms&nbsp;</td></tr> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Mechanism:&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">drawer disc loading mechanism for horizontal and vertical use, emergency eject&nbsp;</td></tr> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Interface:&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">E-IDE / ATAPI&nbsp;</td></tr> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Burst Transfer Rate:&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">PIO mode 4 / Ultra DMA 33&nbsp;</td></tr> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Cache Memory:&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">2 MByte&nbsp;</td></tr> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Media/Modes Supported:&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R DL, DVD-RAM, DVD +R, DVD +R9, DVD +RW, DVD-Video, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CDAudio, CD-Extra, CD-Text, CD-I Ready, CD-Bridge, Photo-CD, Video-CD, Hybrid-CD, Labelflash™&nbsp;</td></tr> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Writing Methods:&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">DAO (disc at once), SAO (session at once), TAO (track at once) with zero gap, variable or fixed packet, multisession&nbsp;</td></tr> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Compatibility:&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">MPC Level 3, MultiRead, PC2001&nbsp;</td></tr> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Dimensions:&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">9.5 mm x 128 mm x 129 mm&nbsp;</td></tr> <tr> <td class="specs_left" valign="top" width="182">Weight:&nbsp;</td> <td class="specs_right" valign="top" width="400">0.15 kg&nbsp;</td>
Tillverkare: Sony  Art.nr: 11563